Tuesday, December 8, 2015

One-of-a-kind, Best Gift Ever

The holiday season is here. 

Money is burning on the Menorah. Credit card bills are stacking up under the Christmas tree.

Instead of kissing, you’re stressing under the mistletoe. Or spinning out of control like a dreidel.

Every year it happens. And every year many of the gifts get lost or broken, returned or dumped in the trash.

Why not start a new tradition? Give the gift of you this year. Wrapping paper is optional.

  • Spend time hanging out, chatting, playing card games, board games, video games together.
  • Try a new recipe together. Or create one yourselves.
  • Adventure outside together and rediscover your community, parks, camping.
  • Share in laughter. Rent comedies, read/listen to books, watch family videos. Make new ones.
  • Help a friend, neighbor, or loved one. Stop by with groceries for those who can’t get out, or who are less fortunate. Or maybe bring a homemade meal, or just some chocolate.

This holiday season and all throughout the year, focus on creating great memories. That’s the best gift anyone can give and receive.

Give the gift of you this holiday season, and share in the joy. 
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