Thursday, May 7, 2015

6 Ingredient Recipe for Reading

My next to-read book!!
Books are like a seven-course meal. Lengthy, but satisfying.  And though most of us are probably aware of the
benefits of reading, who's got the time for it?

So, I brainstormed ways to fit scrumptious book time into busy days. Here's my recipe:  

1.       Lavrary: noun. A lavatory and library in one.  I learned this trick from a college professor. Stock your bathroom with books to mix doing your business with pleasure. Yeah, I actually said that.

2.       Meal time. Feed your mind while feeding your body. If you meet up with friends for lunch on a regular basis, maybe once a week could be soup and story day.  Everyone slurps soup while reading. Your next favorite book could be a friend away. Same type of thing could be done at home. Maybe listen to an audio book mystery on Monday. Or thriller on Thursday.

3.       Working out. Work your body and your brain. Audio books would be ideal for this.

4.       Waiting rooms. There has never been an appointment in which I was immediately ushered back to see the doctor or dentist. Ever. And bonus! Reading can relax you if you’re stressed about your visit.

5.       Got active kids? Crack open a book on the sideline in between innings or quarters, or when he’s at theater rehearsal.

6.       Transport time. On the bus, train, or car. Near or far. Books can be read on the go. But this is where audio books are a must if you’re at the reins or behind the wheel.

I mixed a few of these 6 ingredients together and finished a 400 page book in about 3 months. That sounds like a long time, and I suppose it is. But I devoured Wonder by R.J. Palacio and savored every morsel of it.

And now I get to bite into Descent by Tim Johnston.

If you have more ideas, please share them in the comment section below. Thanks!

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