Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016's Twisted Fortune

Last year I decided it would be fun to use the word on my Twisted Tea cap to predict my 2015. My stomach sank when I twisted off the cap and read that word.

As 2015 grew to a close, I decided to play that same game for 2016. I figured there was no way bad luck would strike twice. Right? 

I was filled with anxiety as I twisted off 2016’s cap. I hesitated and giggled nervously while repeatedly saying, “I’m scared.”

But I finally got my brave on and flipped over the cap to reveal my fateful word. And what was it?

Empty! My stomach sank for the second year in a row as my mind reeled trying to find a positive twist. But how can empty be a good thing?

Time ticked by when suddenly my guy, Allen, smiled and said, “Empty, as in 2016 is a clean slate, open to all sorts of possibilities.” 


It’s all about the perspective.

Happy 2016! May it be filled with positive thoughts and endless possibilities! 

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