Saturday, June 1, 2013

Taste-full Art

I LOVE art. LOVE it! So when I attended the New England Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators conference in Springfield, Massachusetts, I had a hankering to see the portfolio showcase.

Flipping through the artists' works, I enjoyed how the smorgasboard of creations conjured up different emotions within memostly awe, mixed with a dash of warmth and a cup of happiness.

I snatched up a sampling of postcards and business cards and had the urge to share them and the joy that they bring. Sort of like sharing a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

If you enjoy these tasty morsels, click on the links to feast on more art...

Russ Cox: and Jenn Maynard:

Carlyn Beccia: , Hilary Archer: and Robert Squier:


Ruth Sanderson: and Kevin Barry:

Nicole Tadgell: and Hazel Mitchell:

Traci Harmon-Hay: and Marlo Garnsworthy:

(Top) Mary Lillington Davison:
(Middle Row) David Bird: and Marygrace Aquino:
(Bottom) Amy Preveza: and Jessica Halley:

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