Monday, June 29, 2015

Brave-ly Done

Brave: It started with a DARE and ended with a LEGEND

As I held the print of my finished book cover, I realized I was feeling a lot like the paint can I was viewing: a bit shook up and ready to spray tears, overcome with emotion. A week later, holding a copy of the proof, I felt as though I had reached the pinnacle of a mountain after a long upward hike.

Though the climb to The End was a bit arduous at times, it was also filled with triumphs, and laughter, and was anything but lonely. My heart is filled with love for all those who journeyed with me. Such as the McWriters, my critique group, who guided and supported me. My friends and family who encouraged me. And the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators which enables a community of artists to gather, and fueled the passion of writing within me.

And then this last stretch included the collaborative efforts of my artist friend, Crystal Owens, and graphic designer, Lilli Shacklett, who transformed my concept into the completed cover above.

Brave was created by a village. Truly. 

Brave will be available on July 7th for $7.95 in paperback in honor of the most special character I’ve created: my son, Austin, who was born July 7th in ’95. Brave will also be available for Kindle. 

Brave Summary:
Teen Corey Johnson learns he is a Native American the same day he is told that he may be the one. The one to save his town from a centuries old curse. A curse born from a Native American legend that involves a man-eating mountain. But Corey doubts his abilities and wonders if it is really the legend, or a grumpy, old man nicknamed Ogreson, who is making the more recent teens disappear.