Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Twisted Fortune

Twisted Tea was my drink of choice last New Year’s Eve. Printed on the inside of each bottle cap was a single word, which made them that much more enticing to me. I love words.

Before I opened my first bottle on that momentous night, I declared to my friends that whatever word appeared on the cap would predict my 2015.

I was filled with anticipation as I struggled to twist off the cap. What portentous word would fill me with hope for this coming year??

Once the cap was off, I flipped it over to read. And what did I find? Sad.

I wanted a redo.

Suddenly I was dreading the following days, weeks, and months. I told myself that sad was just a stupid coincidence, a bit of bad luck. Though I tried to believe that, I really didn’t. A dark cloud of concern loomed over my future.

Sure enough, sadness befell 2015.

1.       I missed my son who lives about a thousand miles away.

2.       In September, a good friend and amazing person passed away suddenly.

3.       And the world has grown more violent and tenuous.


But as it turns out, 2015 was also filled with joy and love.

1.       I got to spend quality time with my son. Even got to spot him a few times in the independent Zombie comedy How to Kill a Zombie! And my guy, Allen, and I are in the process of moving closer to my son and other family members.

2.       I made lots of new friends.

3.       I’ve kept old friends.

4.       My life has been full of adventures with Allen, friends, and family.

5.       I published my first novel, Brave.

In reality, every life is sprinkled with sad. But I feel as though it’s a necessary ingredient to help create a better us. It acts as a catalyst for us to make changes in our lives. To be grateful for those around us. To relish every moment. 

It’s there to remind us to appreciate the happy. 
Even still, it's important not to dwell on sad. Feel it, assess it, and utilize it to create more happy.
What will my word for 2016 be???
Meanwhile . . .Cheers to fully appreciating the happy!!

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