Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best Read Ever

So, I’m in the job market, in a new city, and have found my way into several different career networking groups. I attended the Triad Career Network meeting this morning and got some advice that I heeded. I requested a letter of recommendation from a co-worker/employee of sorts. I cried when I got the following letter back within the hour:
I think Jeanne Curtin has good ideas, good problem solving skills, and is a good people person. I know for a fact that Jeanne Curtin is a hard worker. She will do her best and then some. She won't give up. It's not in her vocabulary.

My son, Austin

Austin is my son whom I adore, and whom I have mothered, homeschooled, laughed with, and learned from and with. This is the best endorsement I could receive. Ever.



Gail C. said...

Listen to him, he knows what he is talking about. ;)

jeanne curtin said...
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jeanne curtin said...

You're so sweet, Gail, thanks!!!
With love,

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