Thursday, January 8, 2015

Merry Moosey Christmas!!
Though I consider myself to be an extremely lucky person, I seldom win contests or prizes. But I entered a book giveaway anyway, in spite of my history. And it paid off! I won a signed copy of Merry Moosey Christmas!!

What makes this win even more special are the two artists who teamed up to create this gift of a story. Author Lynn Plourde and illustrator Russ Cox are not only talented, but compassionate and genuine people.

And, well, me being me, I just had to review their book.

Rudolph wants Christmas Eve off, at least for this one year. He would prefer to be home to experience the magic of Christmas: the jingle of sleigh bells, the prancing of hooves on the roof, and the whoosh of Santa coming down the chimney to deliver his gifts. Santa agrees if they are able to find a replacement. Together they find a moose, who, with a little training, might just work.

But when Christmas Eve arrives and the sleigh takes off with the moose at the helm, a catastrophe strikes. Santa and Rudolph had forgotten to teach the moose one important lesson . . .  

Merry Moosey Christmas is a fun read with illustrations that capture the spirit of the holiday and take your imagination soaring on a magical sleigh ride.



Sarah Wilson said...

What a lovely sounding story! I might have to pick this one up for my nephews for next year's Christmas present! Yay for winning!

jeanne curtin said...

Awww, thanks, Sarah, for the "Yay for winning!" I appreciate that. And, yes, Merry Moosey Christmas is such a fun story!!
Thanks for the comment and for stopping by Curtin Corner!
With warm regards~

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