Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Little BIG

by Jonathan Bentley

So glad I ignored my first assumptions about this book. The title Little BIG made me think that the pages inside would be filled with dull comparisons of littles versus BIGS. BUT . . .

Little BIG is really a heart-warming story about a younger sibling who longs to be big like his older brother. And yet he realizes the privileges of littlehood. It's that lifelong pull of wanting to grow up, and yet longing to be forever young.

Love the way the story weaves back and forth between little and big, and ties itself up with the perfectly little ending.

And have I mentioned yet that the illustrations are wonderfully adorable? They're part of the magic that brings me back to turn the pages again and again.

The only thing I'd change about the book is its title. How does If I was BIG Like a Monster sound?

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