Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie

by Jamie Rix
Illustrated by Clare Elsom

Every time there's the last one of anything, I experience this twinge of guilt as though I should offer this last whatever to everyone and anyone before I devour it. And now I may understand why. . .

Just as Jack is about to grab the last chocolate chip cookie, his mom snags him. She makes him offer the cookie to everyone else first because it's the polite thing to do.

So off he goes with the cookie in his pocket and a little resentment in his gut. But he does what he is told and makes his rounds from his brother to the Mexican baker with a mustache on his face to Splagly the alien in outer space.

Well, Splagly looks at Jack and decides he looks like a tasty morsel. But before the alien could woof down poor Jack, Splagly's mom snags her son . . .

In the end, there's a tasteless twist.

The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie is a cute story with colorful, inviting, and fun illustrations.

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