Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Girl Meets World

Staunton River State Park, VA
Photo Credit: Julie Bonner
As I approach "the end" of my novel, I realize more and more that my young adult story parallels my life. My main character, Corey, finds himself in this new, unknown world where he navigates his way through dangers, challenges and personalities. And though panic occasionally rears its head, he reminds himself to be brave and trust in the future. He learns to believe in himself and accept help from others.

Recently, my son and I moved to a new community and enrolled in college classes. I'm brand new to the cell phone and laptop worlds. But I've been able to navigate my way around town and through the techie challenges. I'm enjoying meeting new people. And yes, there's an occasional pang of panic. I may veer off the path a little longer than Corey, but I do make it back, trusting in community and in the future. Thankfully, I've had a bit of help from some of the dearest of friends.

I didn't set out to write about my world. Didn't realize till recently just how similar Corey's world is to mine.

So I'm curious...

Do other writers experience the same thing? Are their fictional stories similar to their own lives? And did they plan it that way or did it just naturally evolve?

If you're a writer, I'd love to hear your "story"...

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