Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just ONE! *Contest*

If I had to choose one word for illustrator Hazel Mitchell, it’d be talented.

Hmm… or witty, or fun, clever or spontaneous. Okay, so choosing only one word would be difficult.

You see, Hazel not only breathed life into author Nicole Groeneweg’s words in One Word Pearl, the winner of the National Association of Elementary School Principals Children’s Book Competition,
she’s also giving away an autographed copy of One Word Pearl!

How to win??

All you need to do is tell Hazel what your favorite word is, and why, in 25 words or less in the comment section below. Just be sure to include an email address so she can contact you if she likes your word best!

For example, Hazel told me her favorite word is:

Complete. I like the sound of complete. And it means I can move on to the next thing!

Congratulations to Kim W!
She won the Just ONE! Contest!!!!  

"My word is HOPEFUL. Why? I am FULL of HOPE as a teacher of students in K - 5th grade. I am hopeful that I have the courage, strength, and stamina to be a better teacher each day."

 Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest! And a special thanks to the talented, witty, fun, clever, spontaneous Hazel Mitchell for sharing her gifts with us!


One Word Pearl…

Pearl loves words. All kinds of words. Words make up songs, stories, poems . . . and what does a lover of words do? She collects them, of course!

But one day, most of Pearl’s words are blown away, leaving her only a few which she keeps safely in her treasure chest. After that day, she uses each word carefully—one at a time, until she has no words left. When her teacher asks her questions at school, she doesn’t answer. When her friend wants to know what she has for lunch, she can’t respond. What will Pearl do without her precious words? Will she ever find them?

 I hope this book will get kids really thinking about the use of words, how much fun they can have with them and that teachers will use the book as a tool in the classroom to get children creating THEIR own stories with THEIR favorite words ... just like Pearl!” Hazel

Hazel Mitchell, illustrator of 14 books for children, can’t remember a time when she wasn’t drawing. Even now she can’t be safely left alone with a pencil! Her books include    1, 2, 3 by the Sea, Hidden New Jersey, One Word Pearl, All Star Cheerleaders and How to Talk to an Autistic Kid (ForeWord Reviews Gold Medal winner). Hazel is originally from Yorkshire, England, and now lives and works in Maine, USA. She visits schools to talk with students about her illustration work and speaks at conferences. See more of her work at and book a visit through
Hazel can be found on:
Twitter @thewackybrit

Curtin Corner in Nov. 2012 with the Turbo Monkeys:
And illustrator Debbie Ohi’s web site:


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Kim W said...

My word is HOPEFUL. Why? I am FULL of HOPE as a teacher of students in K - 5th grade. I am hopeful that I have the courage, strength, and stamina to be a better teacher each day.

Michelle Libby said...

I love the word Extraordinary. It's a word that means amazing things when smooshed together, but when you separate it into its parts it becomes extra ordinary. It's only one step from ordinary to extraordinary.
Michelle Libby

Phyllis M Griggs said...
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Phyllis M Griggs said...

I love the word Imagination. As a writer and children's book author, the word imagination means endless possibilities. When we use our GOD given imaginations the world and beyond is our Oyster. We can create, be, do and go anywhere we want all within the deep recess of our minds and breathe life into the characters we've created through our writing.

Cathy Ballou Mealey said...

My favorite word is TOAST! The hot, buttered crispy crunchy Mercy Watson type.

Also the bubbly, sparkling celebratory wine type!

cathy54321 at Hotmail dot com