Friday, December 30, 2016

Writing Our Lives

THE KNOWING BOOK is a wonderful story about life and living. This book lends comfort to the usual, the constant. The sky has always been above you, is above you now, and will always be above you. And then it encourages opening your door, stepping outside and experiencing the world. Don’t be too busy to slosh in a puddle, or fly a kite, or too important to pick up a lost coin or the common shell. The end of the story wraps you in the warmth of looking up at the stars which have always been above you, and always will be. 
With the new year approaching, I wanted to share this book to remind us all that each day can be a new adventure, one step at a time.

Perhaps your adventures will include the library where books, movies, music, and events are all just waiting to transport and transform. Or wandering around a park or neighborhood, making new discoveries around each bend. Possibly parachuting out of a plane, zip-lining, white water rafting, or traveling to other countries. Maybe making new friendships which start with a simple hello, and take us on a journey filled with shared laughter, tears, and memories.

Every day, every choice, we write our own lives.

For 2017, I’ll be writing in more friendships, love, stories, adventures, and continued health. What will you write for your life?

Cheers to exploring our worlds, and discovering more about ourselves.

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