Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Writer's Point of View

At the top!
On Sunday, Allen and I went for a heart-pounding, challenging hike. Or, as one struggling hiker called it, torture.

About half-way up the mountainside we took a break to let our hearts catch up, and eat a snack. As we sat there, a family of three hiked back down past us. We chatted, learned we had survived the roughest part of the hike, and they continued on. It wasn’t until they were farther down the trail, that I noticed the twenty-something’s prosthetic leg.

The hike, like life in general, is all about the perspective, and the determination from within. Some of us have to work harder, push more. It may take longer to reach our goals, but we can make it if we don’t conjure up excuses, and if we don’t give up.

Allen and I were a wee bit excited to complete the hike!
I can honestly say after completing that heart-pounding hike that the more difficult the challenge, the more exciting and rewarding the victory.
Now onward and upward with my writing . . .


Anonymous said...

YES!!! So proud to call you my friend. OXO Cheryl

jeanne curtin said...

Can't thank you enough for helping me along my journey. So grateful to have you as a friend, Cheryl!
Love you!!