Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Story Behind the Cover
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I wanted a cover that would stand out. That would grab attention, draw people in, and make them curious about the adventure inside.

But I wondered where to start. I decided the beginning would be a good place: The spray can.

It starts the story and acts as a catalyst to get the events rolling, but it’s symbolic as well. As the story builds, the pressure rises, and Corey, the main character, gets shaken up. He must find his brave from within.

But the cover’s design was a mere scribble on paper. I needed help to make the cover happen. I am fortunate to have met two talented individuals. Artist Crystal Owens created the funky-cool spray can. And graphic designer Lilli Shacklett deftly positioned the title, summary, and my name. She also suggested that I create a tagline.

That’s when Allen Moscowitz, Teri Ridlon, and myself put on our thinking caps. And quickly came up with: It started with a dare and ended with a legend.

So now I double-dog dare you to open the cover, and brave the legend.  

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Teri Lee said...

Love this story behind the cover!

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